Savings Loans 3% Above Share Rate Savings Balance, 12 months w/ balloon
Certificate Loans 3% Above Certificate Rate Certificate Balance, 10 year amortization
Signature Loans 9.25%-13.75%  
Visa Classic 11.90%-15.90%  
Visa Platinum 8.90%  
Auto Loans    


2018-2019 3.75%-8.75% up to 72 months
2016-2017 4.00%-10.00% up to 60 months
2014-2015 4.50%-11.00% 36 to 48 months
2012-2013 5.00%-12.00% 36 to 48 months
Real Estate    
1st Mortgage 4.00%-5.00% 15 year term, 80% of appraisal
2nd Mortgage 6.25%-8.50% 15 year term, 80% of appraisal minus 1st mortgage
Vacant Land Improved Currently Suspended 12 year term, 80% of appraisal
Unimproved Land Currently Suspended 12 year term, 80% of appraisal
Maximum Real Estate Loans $300,000.00  
Travel Trailers, Four Wheelers,  Jet Skis, etc. NEW     7.75%-11.75%

USED     8.00%-13.00%

BOATS**                           NEW     6.75%-10.75% USED     7.00%-13.00%
MOTORCYCLES**                               NEW    6.75%-10.75.00%  USED     7.00%-13.00%
 **Follows same terms and guidelines as autos.    
Interest rates subject to change. Must qualify for reduced rates.
     Rates effective 1/16/2019

Rate will be based on applicant’s beacon score.


*A.P.R. = Annual Percentage Rate


Insurance available but not required.
Credit Disability: $3.27 per thousand             Joint Credit Disability: $6.22 per thousand
Single Credit Life: $1.10 per thousand          Joint Credit Life $1.93 per thousand
G.A.P. Insurance:  $475.00                           Mechanical Warranty Insurance: Price based upon plan  


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